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DATE: 10/09/2017

New Features - Timed games, Kill Em All, Random Guns!

Been really busy this week getting new features ready for early access. After doing extensive testing with my group of testers, we have decided to add a timed rounds feature and random gun selection from Ammo Stations. There are now 2 types of ammo stations in Linx. 1 which allows for the selection of a specific type of weapon and one which gives you a random weapon.

Timed Rounds
The tester group have asked me to add a feature that allows people to make there own game where they can select either to have a limited amount of lives per game or have unlimited lives with a timed round. I have now completed and implemented this feature (tested and working). This is really going to enhance the game play as the timed rounds will allow all players to play to the end where as the limited lives game will allow people to spectate the remaining players or leave the game and find another lobby to join very quickly.

Random or paid guns
Another feature we have been discussing that I have now implemented is the selection of guns and how to get them. Guns were only available when you had enough coins to buy from gun vendors (coins picked up in game). I have now implemented a game mode that allows the lobby owner to select weather they want guns as random selection for free from vendors, or for guns to still be a purchasable item depending on how much coins you have.

All tested and working as expected. Really shakes the game up.

Also I was at a gaming convention this weekend and was talking to one of the original designers of GTA who I showed Linx to. He really liked the game and was surprised that I had built this whole thing my self! Very encouraging. I have had allot of great feedback from fellow game designers and from people who have played Linx recently so thanks to everyone for the feedback.

More news coming very soon! Progress is going really well.