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DATE: 13/09/2017

X43 - Modular Weapon System


I have been considering making a modular weapon system istead of the weapon selection system I have in place right now. this will allow for better weapon targeting for the player as they will be able to build the weapon they prefer.

Here is a concept model I have been working on. The modular system will allow you to interchange each section of the weapon so you can target a style of play.

Pretty much everything except the power module (receiver) will be interchangeable. This will allow for long barreled snipers, short stubby CQB type weapons, plasma grenade launchers, high powered short range hand canons.

Elements will have obvious advantages but may also be detrimental to other aspects of play such as a heavy sniper type rifle may slow the player down by a small percentage depending on the weight of the full gun while lighter guns will allow you to run at full speed while making you have slightly less health capacity (maybe around 1 to 5%).

Comments and opinions are welcome.