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DATE: 25/09/2017

Bug Bugs Fixes Fixes

been making some updates today. Fixed the coin boxes AT LAST! and I have made it so you can NOT drive the cars in to the gun vendor buildings. Plus updated the Training Grounds map so there are more buildings to run in and around. I have been considering what (one of our testers) Vilusia was saying about spawning money. I think it is a pretty good idea. I was thinking if I put some spawn points for money around the maps and make it so that once the money has ran out, a random spawn point is chosen for money and around 20 boxes are spawned around about that area with a radius of around 20 meters so its a mad dash to get there, get cash and get to the vendors. What do you think? would be a simple enough system to code and I could have it ready for testing tomorrow night. I also think I have fixed a weird bug we were seeing last night where people were not able to join a lobby and when they pressed Join they were just put in their own lobby! Needs tested but im pretty sure its fixed!

October the 4th is coming soon..