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DATE: 29/09/2017

Updates - New Coin Distribution and new Arena

Above is the new coin distribution system as recommended by one of our testers Vilusia. Good idea that we are going to be testing in the next test session but I do think it will go down well. Might need a bit of time tweaking etc. I have been testing it internally for a couple of days and it is very effective. The coin distro orb is placed randomly around the map at set time intervals and will distribute up to 15 coin boxes which are thrown out in random directions. This should make the flow of play move around every arena and encourage people to battle together instead of being spread out around the arenas.

I have also been working on a new arena which is yet to be named! This is a Park type map with great CQB elements. We have been testing this is the last 2 test sessions and it has went down really well. This will be in the Early Access build that is released on the 4th of October.

Onwards and upwards!