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DATE: 03/10/2017

Early Access TOMORROW UK from around 1pm

Now that the majority of testing is over and LINX is running better than I expected by this stage, I am releasing the Early Access Build at 1pm on the 4th of October (Tomorrow).

I would like to thank all the testers for persevering with my shouting STOP STOP! when things go wrong and "Im just going to stick in a quick patch so you need to stop and restart steam"..

Once early access is out the way and I can see what happens when more people are actually in game, I will be added new features and content pretty quickly. I have a new lobby system planned and also new vehicles coming very soon. Plus modular guns and giving people the ability to make their own maps. I will also be implementing a system to allow people to update their guys appearance. This will move Linx closer to full release which I am thinking should be around March next year.

Anyway onwards and upwards!