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DATE: 14/10/2017

Single Player Training Mode and Other Improvements

Its been a bust old couple of weeks updating and improving LBA.

In the past week I have put the Sentinels back in to action as a single player option for all to play so if you need to hone your skills before venturing in to multiplayer, the Single Player Sentinel Training is the place for you. I may be putting Ai in the full multiplayer game but I will wait for feedback to see if people really want that to happen. Im personally not overly keen on it being part of the end game.

Visual Updates

I have also been making some improvements to the environmental lighting and general atmospheric feel to the game. The colours and depth of the game was all a bit flat so I have added some light fogging effects and other colour effects to improve the overall look of the game. I have also made the night time allot darker as it was far too close to being just a blue day when it was night (if that makes sense).

I have also added new elements to the Ui so now when you get gunned down, the Ui will tell you who the killer was and fade out your screen. This is a much better effect than simply moving over quickly to the spectator camera. Spectator can is now only available at the end of your game or when you run out of lives.

Onwards and Upwards!

More news coming very soon.