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DATE: 07/11/2017


Hey all. Over the past week or so I have been working allot on LBA making a new play system. I have been making specifically objective based games which are randomly selected once you are in game. So far I have 2 games completed pretty much and they seem to be working pretty well. I have been testing them on Teriach Central. I have also been updating Teriach Central to handle these new objective modes by altering buildings and generally sprucing the place up a bit.
One of the new game modes involves area domination where each player will fight to control a designated area for a set time. If 2 people or more are in the area they will fight to the death until 1 person remains. they will then try to hold off the enemies until the timer runs down. I have been testing this on newly accessible areas; Park Side Casino and Teriach house Of Justice. I have made new access points to the roofs of these buildings which lets you also access the roof or Rinos Cafe. Also in this game mode, you will only have the choice of Lucky Dip for weapons. On the top of each of the objective buildings is 1 lucky dip and a health machine. there is no access to cash boxes from here though so you better make your health last!
Another new game mode involves the Bot AI. When this game mode is activated, a wave of bots is released from the Bot Spawns and you must fend them off. Fight as a team or on your own. Its really up to you.
I have been considering adding these game modes to Teriach Island as the large scale map COULD make for better game play than the close knit smaller Arena based maps.
I will hopefully be testing the new play modes in the next week or so.
More news coming very soon :)