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DATE: 10/11/2017

Teriach Island is back with Linx mixed in

I have been adding missions to Linx (as you may already know) but the problem is that the current Arena maps are too small for these mission types so I have been working on the old Teriach Island map and preparing it for the missions. This has included updating the areas around the map, adding the current arenas as part of the Teriach Island map and making more accessible buildings and game play areas, plus generally optimising it for crappier PCs. I will be adding the compass back to the UI very shortly as it will be needed for this type of game play and this size of map. At its widest point, Teriach Island is 1228 meters so just under 1 mile. I could have made it much much bigger but I dont see the point in constantly running around in open fields and empty space! Teriach Island with the arenas added should be a good sized map for up to 15 players.
I am also adjusting the game so it is persistent and people can jump in and out of instances as they see fit. I am hoping to get this ready for testing by around the middle of next week. I have been testing missions locally and they seem to work pretty well.
More news coming very soon!